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Gardening is definitely a favored hobby by many not only because of the beautiful flowers and plants that are exhibited in gardens but also the abundant decorative pieces that you can add to a garden to enhance its beauty.

Some of the best decorative pieces that can be found in the most majestic of gardens are waterfalls, chiseled stone art, water ponds and even stone statues. The addition of some of these elegant pieces represents your artistic side and is a reflection of your personality.

Hypertufa Garden Artistic Designs

Hypertufa adds the most elegant of looks to your garden. An artificially made rock that serves as a substitute for the ever expensive tufa rock, the hypertufa offers the same classy look at a very affordable price. A do it yourself product, hypertufa can be sized and shaped to your own personal taste and created in the form of planters, pots, rocks, and just about any style of garden accessory you wish to design. It is made with Portland cement, perlite, and peat moss that is blended together with water and once fully mixed can be molded into any shape or size your desire. Once you complete your design you simply want to allow it to cure and dry for a few days. This hypertufa is a very durable substance and will not break or crack, it is very lightweight and can endure any temperatures whether hot or cold. Since the material is quite porous plants will normally grow quickly and will not require excessive watering at all.

If you are interested in your own hypertufa garden and are proud of your DIY home gardening skills then you are sure to find all the information you need on line or in printed magazines to guide you in creating the perfect hypertufa garden for your home.

Garden treasures right from the trash

There are some items that we might find are of no use to us anymore but before you toss them in the trash you might want to take a second look at other uses they may have. For instance, a very old wheel barrow can become a country centerpiece for your garden, an old watering can when painted can give a unique look to your garden as can old containers and pots that can be refurbished with a new look. You may have old chairs that match nothing but can make the most perfect stands for your plants much like an old bath tub that can serve as housing for your hypertufa creations. Believe it or not but many of your “thought to be trash” items can actually add personality and style to your garden.

With the use of some of your old trash items, you will find that the purchase of expensive decorative items and ornaments for your garden are truly not necessary since your DIY skills allow you to turn that junk into garden treasures at little to no cost to you at all.

To learn more about creating hypertufa planters and gardens and how to create a variety of different ornaments for your garden check out our other gardening tips articles.

Gardening is definitely a favorite hobby and past time of many people and like most hobbies can become costly. However, if you are savvy and research all the details of your dream garden, taking into consideration the actual budget you have available, you will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful your garden will be despite the lower budget.


Start by determining what type or style of garden interests you most. Follow this thought with a true measuring of the land you have available to plant your garden being certain not to commit to using a very large area if you are forced to use a very small budget.


There are multiple items that can be added to a garden on a decorative level that can add beauty and catch the attention of its viewers. If a garden is overly cluttered or you have far too much space with lots of empty areas, then it can be somewhat unattractive. Be particular on the amount of area you want to use, the types of plants you actually want to plant and what types of decorative ideas you would like to incorporate into your garden.


When working with a small budget, especially for decorative ideas, it is always useful to take a bit of a journey through your own home and find pieces that can be utilized that will cost you no money. Such items as different sized and shaped jars, mugs, bowls and even older buckets are just a few that immediately come to mind. If you are only able to create indoor gardening ideas then mugs and smaller bowls can be used for just that purpose. Bowls can also be used to create homemade planters by placing a sturdy wire around the bowl to offer a means of holding the bowl up in the air.


Another savvy approach to your garden creation is to seek out companies that are looking to get rid of miscellaneous piles of stone, concrete, wood, brick, rock, and other odd materials that they offer at no price but simply require you to pick them up yourself. It is in your best interest to make a trip out to pick up these free materials because they can add style and theme to your garden at no cost at all. These same materials can serve as separators in your garden allowing you to plant a mixture of items in the garden while separating them with these varied materials. For example you can plant some rows of flowers, lay down an attractive row of white stone, then follow by planting a row of garden vegetables.


Other inexpensive materials that can be used in the creation of your budgeted garden are lattice, trellis, barrels, and even old wagon wheels. The ideas are endless and your end product can truly be the envy of all your neighbors. A barrel for instance can be filled with healthy soil, plant flower seeds in the soil and watch the beautiful flowers grow and bloom in their very country surrounding. These same barrels can be used in cold weather climate as well by filling them again with soil but maybe displaying with Christmas pine cones. Quite a festive little pine cone garden.


If you find yourself truly wanting to create your very own garden but have a very small budget to work with then certainly give a try to these creative ideas listed above and perhaps, if you are looking for lower budget gardening ideas you can read our other articles today.

When creating or building a garden many people struggle with how to actually design their garden and what style they want to give to their garden. Many people find themselves torn between all the simple gardening ideas available and strive to pick and choose just the perfect ideas for their personal little masterpiece.

Whether you are wanting to create a patio garden or typical back yard garden, install an elegant water feature to your garden, grow and maintain unique plants and flowers in your garden, or maybe even just want to use individual gardening containers, you want to be well informed on how to accomplish your task.

One of the most noticeable errors made when planting a garden is putting far too many plants into the garden area, whether small or large, which ultimately causes clutter and a distasteful look.

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the area that will comprise your garden and take the appropriate steps in organizing and planning each step of your garden creation. Whether you elect to use the old fashioned tape measure and pencil or a modern day computer program, be certain you know exactly how much area you have to use and determine the proper placement of your garden plants and accessories.

If you choose to use one of the many new computer programs available, you will find it extra useful to select a program in 3D. A 3D program will allow you to see firsthand what your finished garden with look like with all its plants, water installs, topiary additions, and any other aspects of your creation from a realistic view allowing you to make any necessary adjustments before you actually begin planting.

These same computer programs will range in value and cost depending upon the program capabilities and features. The more features that a program offers, the higher the cost. Computer programs offer the gardener all the tools that are necessary for the planning stages of a garden and typically present all this information in an easy and concise manner. You will certainly gain a lot of insight into many of the simple gardening ideas available through the use of these computer programs along with a visual of your finished garden.

Though these 3D presentations can be useful in your garden planning, there are many people who will invest in these programs, put hours and hours into their garden planning and then fail to ever incorporate all the creative ideas into an actual garden. More often, the average person will simply rely upon their own minds, pencil notes and their own shovels and hoes to actually plan and create their dream garden.

Whether you elect to purchase a computer program for your planning or stick to the old school ways of creating your garden, if you finish the task you set out to do you are sure to be happy and pleased with your personal creation. Once you have completed the design of your garden you may find yourself confused as to what you should actually plant in the garden. If this is the case you want to take a few moments and check out our other gardening articles.

Sometimes the grounds that are available for gardening needs consist of very harsh soils and can even have little to no water drainage available. Though these factors can make gardening difficult they do not make gardening impossible. If these conditions are present the savvy gardener can turn to raised bed gardening to offer the perfect solution to their gardening needs. In a variety of shapes and sizes, whether small or large, square, rectangular or even hexagonal, raised bed gardening offers as much beauty and style as your typical gardening would.


When building your raised bed garden be sure to research all the materials that are required to complete your chore while adding beauty and style to your home and the surrounding neighborhood. Visiting garden centers, specialty shops and home improvement retail stores will aid in your research and allow you to visibly see the materials available and become acquainted with their composition.


The most common material that people use in raised bed gardens is typically treated wood that is easy to come by and very easy to work with as well. The choice of wood will set the stage for the type of garden created. Certain types of woods can present with a very country look, a rustic look, or even an up scaled luxurious look.  Whatever the taste in wood may be it is important to utilize only treated woods since their life expectancy is much longer than just regular untreated woods.


The only time you want to steer away from treated woods would be when using your raised bed gardening for growing vegetables. If this is the case it is unsafe and unhealthy to grow vegetables surrounded by treated woods but rather Redwoods or Cedars should be used in these cases.


Another very popular material used for raised bed gardening is stone. Stone has so many different looks to it and can most assuredly add a level of elegance to your gardening with its ease of use and its varied compositions. Stone always seems to add just that perfect look. In addition to stone, many people find the use of concrete to be beneficial and attractive since the concrete comes in an array of decorative designs and is quite affordable.


Concrete if used with mortar has an entirely separate look than utilizing broken concrete leftovers without mortar. These broken pieces, much like building a retaining wall, will offer a very unique and fancy look to a garden and can truly be the envy of the neighborhood. Along these same lines is the truly popular brick that is a superb choice to use for designing and building a raised bed garden.


With a very exquisite and polished look to it, brick has long been a favored material for these gardens. Though the construction of brick gardens can be quite laborious the maintenance is very minimal and the look beyond compare.


Regardless of the style of raised bed gardening you choose, with all the plants and flowers available to grow and the excessive number of decorative ideas that can be added to a garden, you can’t go wrong. Just keep in mind when you begin the whole process what your climate is and be aware of how much sunlight your garden will or will not receive; both of these factors are quite essential to the construction of a long lasting raised bed garden.

Once spring and summer are upon us, your garden lovers will begin the long term task of creating the perfect garden for the seasons ahead. Depending upon the size of the garden you seek to create, there are a wide variety of ideas that come into play.

For smaller gardens, it makes better sense to stay focused on a small number of plants over a large number that will give such a cluttered look and potentially cause the plants not to grow properly. As is the case with smaller gardens, it would not be practical to try to incorporate play areas, swings, or sheds into your gardening area. The important thing is that you are able to design and plant your garden to your own personal liking and not have it appear unattractive and not be fruitful. Even a small garden, however, can offer a safe quiet place to unwind when tactfully placed in your back yard offering quiet surroundings for your creation.

Many families with children find that the kids want to be active in the seasonal gardening and tend to find it adventurous and fun. It would be a great idea to give your kids a little challenge of gardening on their own by providing them with pots and seeds to perform their own planting and render their own maintenance to see if they can successful grow their plants. Giving them these simple fun tasks will certainly teach them responsibility and educate them at the same time on gardening and all its worth.

Perhaps you have decided that this year you would prefer to try planting a fruit and vegetable garden inclusive of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, raspberries, and strawberries for starters. How wonderful it would be to actually grow your own fruits and veggies that your family can enjoy and not have to spend lots of money to purchase these food products.

You may find this summer that your garden simply needs a little makeover and find yourself researching through endless gardening sources for some new ideas on design and theme that will better satisfy your personal wants. There are times when a garden has a need to serve a specific purpose. Do you need a play area for the children? Do you need a natural attractive walk area through the back yard? Whatever the reason may be there are enough resources available to help us to design and plant or makeover our current garden to satisfy our current needs.

If you determine that the need you have this year is for your garden to provide a comfortable play area for your children with slides and swings, a deck or patio for entertaining, or a barbecue for outdoor cooking, then be careful with the proper placement of your garden since you need to be able to access your clothes line, shed, garage or other back yard items. Though many people are willing to put in many hours for their gardening hobby there are also many who just want to perform the task quickly and have the garden serve its primary purpose. Most often this is the case when a garden area is being created to allow a safe and fun play area for children.

No matter what your personal preferences are and no matter the style, theme, size or look of your garden there are all sorts of useful resources that will aid you in developing your perfect home garden. 

Everybody loves maintaining and landscaping their yards and how wonderful it is to be the envy of all the neighbors because of all the extraordinary ideas you brought to life in your own front and back yard. There are so many different things we can do to give our yards a striking appearance of elegance and class, however, the most common and successful way of adding luster to our yard is through the planting of gorgeous flower gardens. There is so much to be gained by planting the perfect flower garden.

Yes you are apt to be the envy of your neighborhood, but flower gardens offer such peace and tranquility to people and are so beautiful to just look at. Finding the flower garden designs and ideas that suit your personal likes and personality is key to the successful flower garden. Though it may take abundant time to venture through all the resources for flower garden ideas once this task is accomplished the rest will be pure fun and therapy.

With multiple resources available for the compiling of flower garden ideas the internet itself is by far the greatest and most convenient and inexpensive resource out there. The number of gardening websites on line is enormous. These diverse websites will offer every idea imaginable for your flower garden as well as provide planting and maintenance tips, designs and themes for your garden, and offer you all the items you may need for purchase right there on the sites.

Most gardening sites offer videos for the potential customer on the “how tos” of gardening and specialize in creative planning of the perfect garden. These videos are remarkably useful and a favorite among internet searchers.

Outside of the ever popular internet, magazines are another dependable source of information for all your gardening needs. Magazines offer informative text as well as attractive page photos of what your flower garden can and should look like. Additionally you will find that there are many other forms of literature available on gardening tips and ideas specifically in the form of leaflets, specialty newsletters and, of course, books. Though books can be far more expensive that all the other resources, they certainly are a very useful tool for creating, designing and planting your personalized flower garden.

A thought you want to keep in mind when creating your garden is that the flowers you are planting need to be delicately and properly placed throughout your garden through the use of varied materials such as tiny wooden separators that will give a more detailed and structured look to your garden.

With all these ideas in mind and the time and effort that must be given to the planting of your flower garden, be careful not to lose sight of the fact that your end product will be far more than just a beautiful addition to your home or yard. Rather it will provide you with such a sense of accomplishment and a therapeutic sense of peace as you set back and view all the exquisite colors and aromas of the flowers you have planted and know that it was time and effort well spent beyond any words you can offer.

Gardening is certainly a favorite past time of many people but the hobby does not come without its problems and complications. Garden pest are by far one of the greatest garden problems that are faced every day. Recent studies have concluded that if you simply turn your garden upside down you can alleviate this problem altogether. Yes, that’s right…turn it upside down.  This new found procedure is referred to as reverse gardening. Today garden companies actually manufacture gardening pots and planters that are made to be hung upside down. Just like any other trend in life once this idea caught on it became the popular trendy way to do your gardening and has received applause across the board from all its users.

A perfect storyline to share is a friend that wanted to grow tomatoes in his kitchen but kept encountering cutworms that were destroying his crop. Having tried chemicals to combat the little critters he found that to be unsuccessful so he sought out other practical resources. He found that many offered advice on the problem and most were suggestions to move the tomatoes from the floor to a higher location. So he used his creative mind and made his own upside down hanging planters out of plastic buckets with slightly punctured holes in the bottom where he carefully placed the tomato seeds and then proceeded to hang it upside down on hooks and chains.

This reverse gardening does not work with every type of gardening but does indeed work perfectly with smaller kinds of plants such as peppers and tomatoes. These popular items can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Gardener’s Supply and Bed Bath and Beyond and are sure to expand their presence in the marketplace. You may wonder why this type of gardening as proven to be so successful. It is merely because of the freedoms if offers smaller garden items, being off the ground and mid air keeps these smaller plants free from weeds and garden pests, it is exposed to better air and water and its unique concept keeps everyone from ever over watering their plants.

These fun topsy-turvy planters allow the smallest of foods like tomatoes and peppers to grow simply and to the fullest and in many cases actually grown larger than normal though at times the heavier tomatoes can actual break the hanging vines. With all of this said it is important to recognize that this type of gardening is not suited for every one nor is it suited for every plant. Depending on your own personal needs and likes though, these cute little topsy-turvy planters may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

Gardening may be hard work but it sure is inspirational. With the spring and summer warmer months upon us, it is time to prepare our thoughts and gardens for the upcoming season. Here are some new ideas that you may want to try this year.

New Irrigation Techniques for smaller in house gardens

Irrigating your small in house garden is important to the health of your plants. By placing ice cubes into a plastic bag, tying it and poking multiple small holes into the bag you can form your own simple irrigation system for your flowers. Placing the bag over the flowers will allow the dripping water from the melted ice cubes to seep down onto the flowers and hydrate them.

Use of Banana skins

Since banana skins are high in nutrients you can utilize the banana skins as a soil nutrient by placing the fleshy side of the banana peels onto your garden soil to allow it to deliver a food source to the soil.

A simple broom

Once you have watered your plants and flowers a simple brush of the soil and garden area with a broom will ensure that the water gets into the soil and further hydrates the roots of the plants.

Cola and soft drinks

Believe it or not but cola and other brands of soft drinks serve as a successful plant food and is an ideal substitute when you have run out of your typical plant food. It is the sugar in the product that is beneficial to the plants so the use of sugar free sodas is uneventful.

Those feisty cats

If your kitties like to spend time in your plants and flowers then here is a sure fire source of keeping those little feisty friends away. Take tea bags and spray them evenly with a muscle solution product. Once saturated place them on your flower beds since this smell is far from appealing to the cats.

Wires or socks

Young trees and plants need to be supported in order to grow properly and remain healthy. In most cases wires are used to support the plants but the use of a simple sock on a support stick is just as beneficial. The sock will actual deteriorate and rot along with the growth of the tree.

Children’s participation

Kids love excitement and adventure so you may find it appropriate to give your children some gardening responsibilities whether flowers, fruits or veggies. Give them a designated area or in house pots to plant flowers or foods and let them watch the magic of the soil right before their very eyes.

Regardless of the size, location, shape, or design of a garden, the items that can grow successfully in your garden are many from plants, greens, and flowers to fruits and vegetables of all types. You can do almost anything with your gardening ideas from window ledge plantings and smaller sized gardens to exotic gardens that can actually attract wildlife. With the endless online resources for gardening you are sure to always find the answers to all your questions and find both practical and inspirational ideas at any time of year. So if you are looking for a change and want to make your garden more adventurous, elaborate, exotic and fruitful instead of repeating last year’s planting, then look to the experts who are good at gardening ideas.

To simply define landscape gardening it is the ability to take a piece of land and through artistic ideas and creations turn it into an almost luxurious landscape design. For many, gardening is just that, an art, and landscape gardening is one sure way to exhibit your artistic talents in the form of a beautiful garden offering both peace and serenity to its owner.


  • Balanced Design: It is very important to design your landscape garden with balance in mind. Be sure to allow an accurate number of trees, plants or decorative items per allocated area so as not to throw off the balance of the design. By drawing up simple plans of the layout of your garden you will be certain to utilize all the space available without wasting any.
  • Proportion: You want to be certain that everything you put into your landscape garden is proportionate. The proper layout of all items in proportion to the overall area available is quite important. It is also possible to take a smaller area of your garden, through the use of various color schemes and ornamental items, and have it appear more open and larger. This simple effect can add an uncluttered look to your garden and add to its beauty.
  • Focal Point: The key ingredient to the landscape garden is an eye catching overly attractive piece that catches the attention of all those passing by and actually brings your garden to life. Examples of these decorative pieces are waterfalls, towers, fountains, or sundials. Whatever your individual taste, the addition of one of these magnificent pieces is sure to win the hearts of its viewers.
  • Simplicity: While elegant, eye catching centerpieces and multiple colors are encouraged in your creation, it is always best to stay with some level of simplicity in your creation avoiding any sense of clutter or confusion.
  • Protection: After putting so much planning, time and effort into the design of a landscape garden be sure not to forget to install protection of your masterpiece perhaps through the use of attractive woods, fences or ropes.


It is exciting to know that there are abundant materials and resources available for your garden planning. Your garden serves as a reflection of your very own personality. Perhaps building your garden with a water pond running through it or with a beautiful decorative water fall is to your liking; or better yet with a windmill at its center, or even a romantic swing right in the middle of the garden.   


There is a great detail of preparation that goes into the landscape garden from budget planning, drawing up specifications, selecting themes and colors, and the maintenance of your garden. Depending on your budget you can put your landscaping in the front of your yard where it will be seen first at your home. You can align it with the driveway, maybe add an attractive little fence, and an array of exotic flowers all of which will make your front yard quite exotic.


At the end of all your planning and designing you need to give a great deal of attention to your flowers and plants to be planted. There are specific factors that will determine the types of plants you will grow such as how much sunlight is required, soils available, and growth time to just name a few. Always be sure to select plants and flowers that are suited to your climate and your personal taste. When planted in your elegantly designed garden they are sure to make you smile as you recognize that your once dream of enhancing the beauty of your yard is now a reality.

Gardening has forever added not only luster and beauty to the world around us but is helpful and almost essential to the environment. With so many ideas for gardening from bushes, plants and creepers to flowers, waterfalls and ponds, the abundant designs and styles of gardening most definitely add to the already magnificent earthly surroundings.


As is the case with anything we set out to purchase or build, it is most important to begin at the beginning. The very first step is to perform an evaluation of the budget you have available to accomplish your task. There is much that goes in to planting your own garden and certainly you may find it being rather costly. From purchasing tools such as shovels and hoes, to buying the plants and flowers you wish to plant, as well as investing in decorative ideas for your garden, you will need to determine exactly what you are able to purchase beforehand within your individual budget and only work with that budget.


Once your budget is in place then it is time to move on to the next step which is quite simply to determine and decide what type and style of gardening you wish to create. Do you want your gardening ideas indoors or do you prefer to designate a certain portion of your property for outdoor gardening? Your current living arrangements will certainly play a major part in this decision making process. Living in a condominium or an apartment will not allow you to utilize outside grounds for gardening and will therefore limit you to indoor gardening. However, indoor gardening can be quite attractive and unique in its design. Spreading flowers along your window edges and along an outside balcony or patio can certainly add a sense of ambiance to your quaint little home as will the use of creepers.


For those who live in houses on property, the outdoor gardening is more often than not the choice of gardening elected. The major concern that comes into play when creating an outdoor garden is the temperatures and current climate. Cold weather will easily allow you to display Edwardian styles of gardening which include the installation of elegant woods and stones; such a beautiful sight for sure. In the warmer temperatures many people choose to decorate their gardening creations with waterfall centerpieces, sometimes a simple flowing pond adds such a beautiful touch.


Vegetable gardens are popular as well and though some people elect to create only a vegetable garden of healthy organic foods, other people, if they have enough land available, will add a slight vegetable garden alongside their beautiful plant and flower gardens to bring out a bit of an aesthetic touch to their design. The ideas are endless and the costs varied, but each and every garden that comes to be has a way of adding some level of health and beauty to our environment.


Keep in mind that once your garden is created, it is imperative that you care for and maintain your gardening ideas daily in order to preserve your customized creation and continue to enhance the environment.


Creating the perfect garden is primarily based upon your own personal likes and taste. Whether you elect to use plants, flowers, vegetables or additional decorative accessories, your finished garden will be a true reflection of your own personality. Many a garden serves as a safe haven in people’s lives where one can sit and relax, possibly under a moonlit sky admiring the beauty and tranquility and just let the trials and stresses of the day pass away.

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